Joni Mitchell THE ASYLUM ALBUMS (1976-1980)

21st June 2024

Format Info

5CD boxset
6LP black vinyl boxset

THE ASYLUM YEARS (1976-1980) delves into Joni Mitchell’s jazz-inflected sound on the late 1970’s studio albums – Hejira (1976), Don Juan’s Reckless  Daughter (1977) and Mingus (1979) – and the live album Shadows and Light (1980). Famed bassist & composer—and long-time Mitchell collaborator—Jaco Pastorius appears prominently on each of the four albums in this set, alongside other noted jazz luminaries like Charles Mingus and Herbie Hancock.

THE  ASYLUM YEARS (1976-1980) is newly remastered and presented with premium packaging featuring abstract cover artwork from Mitchell’s private fine arts collection.

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