Pub Summer

4th February 2022

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Released at the same time as his seminal Do You Ever Regret Pantomime 2xLP, Pub released Summer in 2000 on the cusp of a new millennium still fuelled by a feeling of abundance and optimism. Summer positively crackles with sun rays beating down on a blanched out landscape, creating a post-orgasmic haze on the horizon.

The eponymous track’s 16 minutes glides along with a lush dub-techno engine, though in its waterfalls of harmony and synth pads it creates a much more enveloping sound hug, it’s standing on top of a mountain in the mediterranean at 5am as the sun rises, having either been up all night raving or on a massive self-discovery health kick and purposefully waking at 4:45am every morning to greet a new morning. Fragile Root uses a more Detroit palette, with snappy 808 sounding drum machines heralding continuously rising waves of digital synths, adding a more 90s Aphex Twin twist to the sound.

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