Ennio Morricone Storie di vita e malavita

20th April 2024

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Coloured LP

CAM SUGAR is proud to release for the first time ever on vinyl the complete soundtrack of Carlo Lizzani’s masterpiece, ‘Storie di vita e malavita’ (1975).The stories evoked by the title are based on the real investigation carried out in Milan a few months before the filming by journalist Maria Rusconi, whose aim was to investigate and denounce underage prostitution. Morricone comments on the crude news stories staged by Lizzani with a theme that immediately assaults the listener, through its stubborn and edgy progression. The title track immediately echoes the tones of ‘Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto’ (1970, Elio Petri), combining the grotesque with a hallucinatory and impactful timbral and orchestral violence. There are also flashes of bossa, dark marches and jazz-funk colourations typical of the 1970s crime genre. All tracks, with the exception of the track already included in the ‘Morricone Segreto’ compilation (‘Vita e malavita’), are unreleased in any format.

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