Space Afrika Somewhere Decent To Live

2nd February 2024

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LP - black vinyl

Accolades of early Burial, Eno’s Apollo soundtrack, the hiss between megapolis skyscrapers, the sound a highway makes on the horizon. Lovely jubbly.

Space Afrika’s album from 2018 has become a modern classic in space. Having since progressed and developed into a constellation of intrepid sound explorers based in London, on this outing there’s deep redolence of Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Untrue-era Burial and what feels like a techno music degenerated over a million copied mp3s into a ghostly, veiled facsimile of itself.

Loops eating themselves into a spectral spaghetti, Somewhere Decent To Live can’t help feel like a meditation on the city. The music here is so dimly lit it sounds like a skyline at 3am, hot to feel, steam rising and quivering in the heat. Backwards hiss and clicks remind us of Pole and Jan Jelinek’s forays into submerged dub but even at this earlier stage in their career Space Afrika had already staked out their own territory, dark and immersive, a place to swim in mid air.