Birdie Some Dusty

26th July 2024

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LP - black vinyl
LP - Monorail Exclusive Mint Green *no poster*
LP - Monorail Exclusive Mint Green w/ Signed Poster

Birdie’s roots go all the way back to 1992 at Saint Etienne live band rehearsals. Debsey Wykes had been in Saint Etienne faves Dolly Mixture and was on board as a backing vocalist, while Paul Kelly had been in the equally legendary East Village and was now part of Saint Etienne’s touring band. The pair became fast friends and then a couple, bonding over a love of the sunshine pop and soft rock music of the 60s and 70s, and began spending hours together strategising a new band, eventually forming Birdie in 1994 and releasing the “Spiral Staircase” 7″ in 1997.

In the summer of 1998 Birdie recorded their debut album Some Dusty with the estimable Brian O’Shaughnessy (Denim, Moose, The Clientele). It’s a deep and beautiful album, with melodic and sophisticated (yet understated) arrangements providing the perfect setting for Debsey’s sweet and soulful soft-pop vocals. Add in gorgeous string arrangements from The High Llamas’ Sean O’Hagan and you have all the makings of a pop classic. Birdie followed up the 1999 release of ‘Some Dusty’ with a series of essential singles – Let Her Go, Such A Sound, and Sidewalk – culminating in the release of their second album “Triple Echo” in 2001.

Life commitments and other artistic pursuits called, and Birdie has only been sporadically active since then, gigging on occasion and releasing a handful of songs. Their brief but perfectly-formed discography has become the stuff of legend, charming savvy pop fans around the world with its timeless songcraft and flawless production. We’re very pleased to return their classic debut Some Dusty to much-needed availability, featuring a plush new remastering, a deluxe 60s style heavy card jacket and a fine insert with rare photos and liner notes by Chickfactor’s Gail O’Hara.

I will forever associate Birdie’s music with Paul and Debsey’s London, the graceful glide of their melodies and Debsey’s amazing voice, Paul’s films with Saint Etienne, especially Finisterre – their utopianism, their optimism, their understated brilliance. So great to see this one back in print – thanks Slumberland.

Our copies come in an edition of 75 with a signed original poster.

SP, May 2024