David Katz Solid Foundation - An oral history of reggae

White Rabbit
4th July 2024

Solid Foundation is the definitive history of Jamaica’s holy music: reggae in all its forms,
from the earliest ska and rock steady pioneers to the dancehall and reggae revival stars
of the 21st century. Woven together into an engrossing narrative, this is an extensive
history charting the progression and development of the music, with all the glorious
highlights and the controversies and feuds in between. First published in 2003 and
including interviews with over 200 of the genre’s key artists, Solid Foundation has been
revised and updated with abundant new material and an introduction by award-winning
novelist, Jacqueline Crooks, reissued as part of White Rabbit’s Deep Cuts series.
‘The definitive history of reggae told through exclusive interviews with the genre’s
greatest innovators.’ – Sunday Herald
‘Solid Foundation goes the extra yard to become a defining text, with Katz interviewing
virtually every survivor from the island’s 60s and 70s music scenes…it is a necessary
work.’ – The Wire
‘Solid Foundation is a welcome addition to the narrow shelf of books that move beyond
simplistic views of reggae.’ – Record Collector