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Ghost Box
3rd February 2023

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LP - black vinyl

“…it often sounds like hip hop if it had been invented in England in the late fifties. House turns library muisc’s ‘science of mood’ againast itself by creating barely calssifiable emotions (macabre whimsy, pensive rapture, ‘reverie and efficiency’) or making atmospheres clash and mingle like colours on a paint wheel going muddy.”
Simon Reynolds,

“Intimately acquainted with this uncertain hinterland between yesterday and tomorrow, The Focus Group are also smart enough to realise that anyone can pass for modern if they still listen to Pierre Henry, Tom Dissevelt, Jacques Loussier or Dave Brubeck.”
Ken Hollings,
The Wire

“…evokes powerful intimations of the uncanny.”
Rob Young,
Uncut Magazine

“…the spirit of a certain experimental, baroque psychedelia is alive in every one of these tunes.”
Benjamin Graves,
The Quietus

“Great music, all quite unpredictable, painstakingly knitted together. Lots of peculiar noises all making a very lovely sound,”
Jonny Trunk,
Trunk Records Website

“…this is an archaeology of emotion, a philosophically motivated exploration of the power of not just one’s childhood memories, but of the collective unconscious.”
Matthew Ingram,
The Wire

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