Silent Industry Silent Industry

Old Bad Habits
26th February 2024

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12" Orange Vinyl
Silent Industry is the superb teenage project of Sean Dickson. Recorded on a Casio mini keyboard, Roland synth and Roland drum machine in Bellshill, it’s part messthetics-style madness, part uninhibited melody joy. Taking its cues from Human League and Soft Cell, but totally minus Martin Rushent and Mike Thorne studio lushness it’s a brilliant original document – into it.
These are Sean’s first recordings made as a teenager at the age of 14-15 in his bedroom in Bellshill, Scotland, while dreaming of signing to an electronic label like Mute or Factory – without knowing that his future was instead as a Soup Dragon. Recorded direct to double cassette deck, these are his first 10 songs.
Sean recently rediscovered this tape in a box and here it is, lovingly brought up to vinyl spec. Sleevenotes by his Bellshill¬† pals, Duglas T Stewart and Norman Blake: ” It’s amazing that Sean has managed to hold onto this recordings for all this time. I think people are going to love hearing the music. It’s innocent, sincere and utterly charming.”
LImited edition, 200 copies, orange vinyl.