claire rousay sentiment

Thrill Jockey
19th April 2024

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LP - Indies Only Yellow Vinyl

sentiment is a meditation of the poignant emotional terrains of loneliness, nostalgia, sentimentality, guilt, and sex. The album’s narrative arc is guided by delicate musical gestures and artistic vulnerability, audaciously synthesizing disparate and unexpected influences. claire rousay is a singular artist, known for challenging conventions in experimental and ambient music forms. rousay masterfully incorporates textural found sounds, sumptuous drones and candid field recordings into music that celebrates the beauty in life’s banalities. Her music is curatorial and granular in detail, deftly shaped into emotionally affecting pieces. rousay’s vocals and guitar take center stage on sentiment. Her intimate, diaristic lyrics contrast with her mechanical-inflected vocal effects, emphasizing a powerful desire for connection, a deep yearning and a lingering sense of separation.

“finding meaning among the mundane.” –The Guardian

“What a songwriter might convey in poetry, Rousay evokes with raw audio…viscerally vulnerable” –New York Times

“Her arrangements… serving as soundtracks for imaginary films, ..their cinematic expanses have the immediacy of status updates.” –Pitchfork

“Her music teaches us how to listen more deeply to moments monumental, silly and mundane in our own lives as well as others.” –NPR