The Coral Sea Of Mirrors

Run On Records
8th September 2023

Format Info

Indies Only LP - Colour Vinyl
Black Vinyl LP
Dinked LP - Colorama Heavy Splatter Vinyl
* Colorama Heavy Splatter Vinyl * Bonus 2 track 7" * 12” x 12” signed print * Obi-strip * Numbered edition * Limited pressing of 1500

Imagine the scorched sand, cardboard cowboys, and flooded sets of a never-made Italian spaghetti western, Wild Bird takes Coral fans to the clapperboard on a new story playing out all the way to the release of the band’s eleventh studio album, Sea Of Mirrors.

Following their acclaimed album, Coral Island, the band felt inspired to create material for two more albums. Amidst that songwriting scirroco, a combination of a script written by keyboard player, Nick Power, a vintage cinema foyer poster artwork was created by drummer, Ian Skelly confirmed Sea Of Mirrors’ vivid concept and the blueprint for The Coral to move beyond all expectations once again.

“Once the album concept was clear, this was us imagining the theme tune for an Italian western directed by Fellini with a Richard Yates-written script,” explains James Skelly. “It’s us asking ourselves: what would have happened if Lee Hazlewood had produced a Gene Pitney song written by Townes Van Zandt?”


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