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Klas Trollius Sånger Till En Människa

2nd July 2021

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The latest missive from Gothenburg, Trollius’s guitar-centric music is lovingly intimate with shades of Vini Reilly, Maurice Deebank lazily playing in a verdant valley.

The fourth release from Discreet Music is another seemingly out-of-nowhere debut album from a Gothenburg artist. To people in Gothenburg, Klas Trollius is probably best known as a DJ and a visual artist, but the origins of this collection of songs goes back to as far as 2010 when the very first version of the exceptional opening track ‘Över Ett Fält’ was recorded. On Sånger Till En Människa, Klas Trollius explores the connection between music and place, letting specific location recordings become an important part of each track. The reworked ‘Över Ett Fält, a loose interpretation of John Martyns’ ‘Over The Hill’, is a 8 minute+ epic that immediately sets the tone and mood for the rest of the album with it’s acoustic guitar, hushed vocals and heavy use of field recordings. The recording is so evocative of place it’s like a forest is duetting with Trollius. It’s sometimes in the background, at other times birdsong and distant planes carrying passengers who knows where drift into focus. The loose, improvisatory practice Trollius brings to the music means he’s often directly communicating with the ambient noise, sending slivers of sparkling guitar and overdubbed bell-sounding synth noise high up into the trees.

Trollius’s sense of space, the absence of sound or impendiment, is used to frame his compositions. A comforting, low volume hiss seaps into the silences as expertly plucked guitar filtered through analog delay punctuates, in the distance children are playing catch, football, it’s hard to tell. Trollius’s presence in the landscape is entirely benign, acting as a soundtracker to the day, almost like he’s nested in a tree, on the door-stoop of a farmhouse, watching the world by via his dictaphone.

Often the effect is like ASMR, almost accidentally soothing. There are moments of sonic coincidence and serendipity, the way a particular bird tweets a synth melody over some chance chords instills some deep, peaceful feelings in the listener, like some of Michael Tanner’s most even work.

The main theme of Sånger Till En Människa is one of effortlessness, the music drifting into your life like a feeling of calm. The listener takes each track as it comes, each note placed or spoken word interlude being exactly where it ought to be. It’s a deeply evocative album, sure, but don’t be surprise if its feelings of ease and stillness it evokes in ya.