Maxine Funke River Said

28th April 2023

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LP - black vinyl

The new album by Maxine Funke divides into two
halves – the first side is a perfect suite of the kind
of beautifully constructed songs that the New
Zealand-based artist has become known for,
acutely observed vignettes framing her voice with
a minimal backing of guitar and organ.

The second side takes off on a different flight
entirely: two dreamy long form pieces built on a
framework of cello, field recordings and delay,
closer to Arthur Russell or the music on Brian
Eno’s Obscure label than the more folky
references that often get applied to Maxine’s

Nabihah Iqbal gave the title track an upfront radio
exclusive on BBC 6 Music, commenting: “I love it
because it makes me think of people like Vashti
Bunyan, you feel like the person is so close to the
mic because they’re almost whispering when they
sing, it really draws you in, a great track.”