The Soup Dragons Raw TV Products - Singles & Rarities 1985-88

Past Night From Glasgow
28th October 2022

Format Info

LP - Red Vinyl
Red vinyl + additional exclusive Ross Sinclair artwork

Via Past Night From Glasgow, here is the collected works of The Soup Dragons – celebrating the period 1985-1988, including early singles, Peel sessions and beloved rarities.

The album has been lovingly put together by Sean, Sushil, Jim and Ross and features liner notes from Pete Paphides, with additional artwork by Ross Sinclair. All tracks were remastered by Sean in 2022.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Quite Content  2. Whole Wide World  3. Hang-Ten!  4. Head Gone Astray  5. Can’t Take No More  6. Soft As Your Face  7. The Majestic Head

Side B

1.Learning To Fall  2. Slow Things Down  3. Too Shy To Say  4. Cow Nest  5. I Know Everything  6 .Pleasantly Surprised 7. Fair’s Fair  8. Hang-Ten! (Live London ULU Feb 1987)

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