The Flaming Lips Psychedelic Hypnotist Daydream

16th June 2023

Format Info

LP - pink vinyl

The Flaming Lips will unveil a new limited-edition vinyl EP entitled Psychedelic Hypnotist Daydream on
June 16, 2023. It notably collects four fan favorite tracks previously only available on the 6-CD Yoshimi
Battles the Pink Robots 20th Anniversary Box Set. Now, they grace the 32-minute Psychedelic Hypnotist
Daydream, giving the songs a vinyl release for the very first time. The track listing notably boasts the
immersive 24-minute sonic head-trip “Psychedelic Hypnotist Day Dream (demo),” which unfurls as one of
the group’s most epic gems to date. Additionally, it includes the “Duck Dodgers Theme (Duck Dodgers
Demo: With Wayne Scratch Vocal),” “I Know I’ve Got To Make That Dream The Real Thing (Demo),” and, finally, “Do You Realize?? (Instrumental).”

The 4 tracks on this LP are on the 6 CD Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 20th Anniversary Box Set but are not included on the 5 LP version of the box set.
The centrepiece of the LP is the 24-minute epic “Psychedelic Hypnotist Daydream (demo)”. Three other tracks from the CD box set are included, also receiving their first release on LP – notably the instrumental version of “Do You Realize??”. Over 32 minutes of music, pressed on Limited Edition Pink Vinyl.

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