Self-Esteem Prioritise Pleasure

25th March 2022

Format Info

LP - gold vinyl

The follow up to Self Esteem’s acclaimed 2019 debut album Compliments Please, Prioritise Pleasure is a record that
reminds us all of the importance of being our unapologetic selves, putting your insecurities out there in the hope that it
can be the first step towards healing them. Honest disclosure has always been Self Esteem’s forte, and so each track
on Prioritise Pleasure handles difficult themes with nuanced perspective, comforted and counter-balanced with an

array of rhythmic flourishes that speak to the eclecticism of her experience and influence.

Breaking a personal cycle of trauma-suppression, Taylor says, starts with laying out these instances of her personal
experience – self-doubt, heartbreak, sexual assault, the urge to compare – and realising that one stands out as

something that truly can’t be justified as part and parcel of life.

“What’s the one thing that none of us deserve to have happened to us, but almost all women have had? But in order
to fucking live and survive and not spend every day wanting to slay every man I see in the street, I've had to normalise

it.” She pauses, finding a moment of clarity. “I guess this album, the reason it’s so full of love for myself, is that I’m

finally seeing that none of those things are my fault.”