Grant McPhee Postcards from Scotland: Scottish Independent Music 1983-95

Omnibus Press
20th June 2024

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Book with signed Postcard
With postcard signed by Grant McPhee. Limited to 100 only

By 1983, many of Scotland’s post-punk bands had broken up or moved south to chase the major labels in London. That vacuum was filled by an influx of young musicians who were determined to remake the scene in their own image.

In this compelling and dynamic oral history, Grant McPhee chronicles the radical transformation of Scotland’s independent music scene from 1983- 1995. Including archival photos and drawing from over 100 interviews with the key players of the time, Grant McPhee allows them to set the scene in their own words; including the Cocteau Twins, Shop Assistants, Teenage
Fanclub, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and many more. Postcards from Scotland is the definitive story of the radicals, misfits and experimentalists who made independent music what it is today.

“A truly deep dive. Like the best rock and roll, not everyone will get this. And thank God for that.” John Niven

“This is a brilliant account of one of the most fruitful periods of Scotland’s musical heritage. The cast list is longer than Norman Blake’s hair circa 1992. Devour!” Marc Riley

Praise for Grant McPhee’s previous work: “An exuberant celebration of pure independent DIY attitude” The Wire

“Captures the excitement and chaos of Scotland’s independent pop underground movement” The List

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