Aliya Hashmi Palestinian Sunbird Brooches

8th March 2024

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Felt brooch

“The Palestine sunbird comes from the national bird of Palestine, after Israeli authorities lost a public vote to try and re-name the bird. Removing ‘Palestine’ from the bird’s name was just another attempt at erasing the existence of Palestine.

This species has beautiful iridescent plumage with many different colour combinations. That’s why I’ve made these all slightly different. I bought special wool just to make these birds. It’s a mix of merino with silk and synthetic fibres, to give that shimmery sparkly effect.

Safebow is a small organisation comprised of about 20 people. They are providing financial aid to refugees who have made it out of Gaza and into Egypt, as well as helping the most vulnerable people evacuate. Check out Safebow’s website and/or their Instagram pages so you can see the people they have helped already.”

Ailya Hasmhi / Specs Owl Art