Outblinker Outblinker

Araki, Gold Mold, Bloody Sound
31st May 2024

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LP - black vinyl

“Electronic rock with a DIY punk heart” from Glasgow City.

Almost eight years, one global pandemic, one forced hiatus, multiple European tours, numerous collaborations, EPs, singles, remixes and at least one urgent trip to the A&E later ….Scottish DIY alternative electro outfit Outblinker is finally ready to drop it’s debut full-length album, co-produced by Benjamin Power (Blanck Mass, Fuck Buttons, Editors).

The band spent much of that time honing its craft on the UK and European live scenes; going from huge French theatres to Italian squats; from playing converted abattoirs in the Basque country to an abandoned train in Germany. Outblinker has consistently been evolving, experimenting, and absorbing the lessons of collaborators like Benjamin Power and live companions including Canada’s Holy Fuck and France’s astonishing La Colonie De Vacances super-group.

Sonically, Outblinker’s self-titled debut album bears many of the typical krautrock, electro and synthwave influences (Fuck Buttons, Neu!, Optimo, Giorgio Moroder) as well as subtly folding in other flavours as diverse as industrial metal, techno, post-hardcore and neo-classical compositions wth sontributions from a number of individuals within the Scottish modern folk and indie scene, including writer/composer SIobhan Wilson.

Conceptually, the album dives into the world of six different characters across the six tracks. This human morass is reflected in its striking artwork, courtesy of celebrated Scottish painter Frank McFadden. It invites the audience to go and explore the deeper truths, contradictions, cautionary tales and sometimes horrors that these individuals represent and, just as the album muses on how even the best and worst people are rarely just one thing, so the band members seek to avoid creating music that can be easily pigeon-holed. Instead they embrace the broad array of human and musical experience and always look to say something original. Achieving that would, for them, represent success.