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Enhet För Fri Musik Ömhet & Skilsmässa

Discreet Music
2nd July 2021

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2nd press after instantly sold out first run

Enhet För Fri Musik are a collective of musicians from the centre of the world at this point in time (that’s Gothenburg, Sweden) who’ve concocted a mythology that dances with both lo fi aesthetics, avant free-folkisms, noise, found sound and a deep, immersed atmosphere that stinks of mystery. The core group come from other formations on the scene and its adjascent satellites (Blöd, Arv & Miljo, Cortex A9, Neutral, Oroskallan, Amateur Hour…) but somehow have created some sort of transmogrification, some sort of alchemy when in the same room together.

The looseness and space in the recordings, with every element played simply and in its own space, adds to a brittleness to the music often held together by flute, degrading acoustic guitar or, most rewardingly, the close mic’d Swedish language vocal that curls and drawls beautifully in the mix. We’re thinking of anything from Vashti Bunyan to Jandek to Sunburnt Hand Of The Man to Charlambides but steeped in Swedish prog or electro-acoustic experimentation. In its bare essentials presentation, in the brilliantly lo fi artwork and punk vibrations, it’s all so supremely confident and comfortable in its wilful obscurity. Love it.