Vacant Gardens Obscene

Tough Love
20th May 2022

Format Info

LP - clear vinyl

New from Reds Pinks and Purples’ Glenn Donaldson, Vacant Gardens is an interstellar recording project that combines celestial, shimmering guitar on the verge of breaking like a massive, emotive wave and an ethereal vocal style from Jem Fanvu recalling Hope Sandoval or Liz Fraser that sails in its wake. Simply put, this is some of biggest, heart-tugging guitar music you’ll hear in recent times.

Following the rapid sell out of their debut, Under The Bloom, Obscene is a continuation and development of the group’s sound: a frayed tapestry of Slowdiving, Flying Saucer Attack guitar noise wall married with an angelic vocal from Fanvu that glitters in counterpoint to the stringed distortion like Hope Sandoval or, in the way it shines bright in the fog, like Jonsi’s surfing the surging waves of emotion in early Sigur Ros. Originally released in February on digital formats, Obscene gets a vinyl press and is sounding massive. Vacant Gardens’ music suggests oceanic feelings, a hazy intergalactic consicousness that burbles beneath the surface of everything while also touching the visceral points in the human heart that makes groups like Galaxie 500, Yo La Tengo so timeless.

On Obscene you can even hear little flickers of Sandy Denny if she was backing Bardo Pond but at the same time there’s a clarity to the recording that moves on slightly from Under The Bloom. Some of the tracks here are just majestic, regal in the way they unfurl like billowing clouds of crimson across a new sunrise. As Horses stamps on the Big Muffs to ever-escalating breaking point, with the lagging, echoing vocal threatened to be crushed by the sheer emotional heft.

This is truly special music.


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