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Comfort Not Passing

Anxious Music
14th June 2019

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with booklet & obi strip

Limited to 300. Comes with 12 page lyric book and obi strip.
NOT PASSING is the debut physical release by brother / sister duo COMFORT. Based in Glasgow, Comfort combine aggressively attacked live drums with industrial electronics and synths with Natalie Comfort’s raging vocal. Not Passing is brutal, honest, poetic, visceral, angry and beautiful. A critique of gender norms and societal constructs but mostly a vulnerable, powerful personal perspective from outside the majority, Not Passing presents a crucial voice. Recorded in Glasgow by Helena Celle (Anxiety/Otherworld), Not Passing is a minimalist/maximalist formation with
stark, thundering drumbeats often accompanying a simple synth line or bit-crushed sample. Each track tumbles forward, powered by Natalie Comfort’s invective, sometimes painfully vulnerable and at others completely empowering.

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