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Zaya No Words

Courtesan Music
19th September 2022

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Black Vinyl LP

Long awaited follow up to Cowboys In Sweden from Dom Thomas and crew. 13 instrumental cuts landing somewhere between Whyte Horses, David Holmes and JC Vannier.

Zaya is a nomadic traveler currently residing in the Arab Emirates. ‘No Words’ is a collection of ideas worked on over a three year period with the occasional swapping of ideas with his best friend in rainy Manchester. A sun-kissed collage of hazy bedroom guitar instrumentals and blissed-out passages of psychedelic rock.


1. Lonely Souvenir
2. Triangular Dreams
3. Interlude 01
4. We Made It
5. Interlude 02
6. Long Way To Get There
7. Tripoli

1. Lonely Jewel
2. Interlude 03
3. Taste of Gold
4. Interlude 04
5. Thought I Told You
6. Had To Go

The second release on private press label Courtesan Music. Limited to 300 copies.