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Various Artists Neuro-Defragmentation

New Words
2nd September 2022

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A various artists ambient compilation featuring tracks from Funki Porcini (Ninja Tune / BBC), Pataphysical (12th Isle, Good Morning Tapes), James Osland (White Label Recs, Elm), Obelisks (Aquamarine, Elm) and Quilsk (New Words).

“In a rapidly urbanising world a potentially detrimental affixation grows for loud, artificial, hyper stimulation. It’s valid to fear this could give rise to a society negligent of the simplistic natural beauty this planet fragilely owns. Neuro-defragmentation steps away from advanced technologies and heavily processed synthetic sounds in an un-compressed attempt to re-ignite a connection with nature we all possess. This is achieved by compiling un-quantised, organically textured music that is created using the human hand, rather than reliance on auto-modulation and drawn in lines. Timing is left to flow based on the artists own clock rather than the DAW’s. Automation is carved by hand creating fluid, organic but mathematically imperfect sculptures. Textures are left un-gated reflecting the constant background noise we sub-consciously experience in life. These approaches to music creation caused activation of my parasympathetic nervous system, restoring autonomic function to homeostatic levels. Evidence suggests glymphatic system clearance is promoted via re-synchronisation of disrupted circadian rhythms, reducing neurotoxicity and therefore cognitive degradation. Reductions in paranoia, agitations and hallucinations have been observed, suggesting that the habitats produced in the music re-associate listeners with the wilderness we have been intrinsically connected to for so long.”
Dr. P. Jenkins

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