Beat Happening Music To Climb The Apple Tree By

28th October 2022

Format Info

LP - black vinyl

Pulling together the lion’s share of Beat Happening’s non-LP material not covered by the expanded edition of the debut album, Music To Climb The Apple Tree By collects tracks from the band’s singles and compilation contributions along with their share of the Beat Happening/Screaming Trees EP. Essential ephemera.

  1. Angel Gone
  2. Nancy Sin
  3. Sea Hunt
  4. Look Around
  5. Not A Care In The World
  6. Dreamy
  7. That Girl
  8. Secret Picnic Spot
  9. Zombie Limbo Time
  10. Foggy Eyes
  11. Knock on Any Door
  12. Sea Babies
  13. Tales Of Brave Aphrodite
  14. Polly Pereguinn
  15. I Dig You

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