Monorail Music Monorail Music T-Shirt (Natural Raw)

16th December 2022

Format Info

T-Shirt Small
Small - 49cm (half Chest Measurement)
T-Shirt Medium
Medium - 52cm (half Chest Measurement)
T-Shirt Large
Large - 55cm (half Chest Measurement)
T-Shirt Extra Large
XL - 58cm (half Chest Measurement)


Please note: we unfortunately can’t guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.

To celebrate our 20th(!) year, we’re very happy to announce new merch that runs the lanes from original Monorail style to very, very new. We’ve listened and we get that you think it’s a bit strange that we’ve never had a t-shirt for sale. Consider it rectified with immediate effect – our Lola has knocked out two beauties, plus a tote bag, for your consideration. And our pal, Liz Dew, who did the original screens in the shop, has adapted her Monorail scene prints for a brilliant new tote, too.

We will never take for granted the support that you’ve given us in our first twenty years – you’ve allowed us to be what we are. We will always feel part of an amazing community. Thanks for everything – twenty down, twenty to come.

  • Natural Raw colour with cotton flecks on Stanley/Stella 100% Fairwear Foundation organic cotton.
  • Unisex sizing.
  • Printed locally up the road from us by a Living Wage employer.

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