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Jess Scott Modern Primitive

Winona Records
8th April 2022

Format Info

12" EP
Limited White Label with sticker and insert

Former frontwoman of San Francisco punk bands Brilliant Colors (Make-A-Mess, Slumberland), Flesh World (Dark Entires, Iron Lung, La Vida Es Un Mus), among other projects, releases solo EP of songs written stretching back a decade, recorded in home studio of Jack Name in Pasadena, California.

6-Track EP press on Scott and Roxanne Clifford’s Winona Records with printed insert, sticker and paste on sleeve.

Think of the ancestor in a hallucinated state, collapsed into the long-shot hope of urging warmth from the banging of rocks, bending forth the will of pyrotechnics yet unknown. That’s sort of what it’s like to know only a handful of chords. In this way: “I am a modern primitive.” “I don’t care what you do, I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what you eat”…I am in pure hunger-driven tunnel vision in a messier version of ‘a room of one’s own’. I also don’t care about these things because no qualities or characteristics are really necessary for me to relate to you, or for you to relate to me. Tune everything out, so here’s “a tune, to commune.”

Jess Scott’s trajectory in the underground, I suppose the Hippies would call it the counter-culture but we don’t have that anymore. Do we have an underground anymore even? Who knows, but Scott is a one-woman counter-underground culture archivist and creator. Don’t forget she’s responsible for the gorgeous Quinto Quarto Quarterly zines, and here her own material imagines both Brilliant Colors and Flesh World’s sound signatures merged into one and yet somehow Scott’s sense for a hook shines brighter than in either groups. The two sides of the coin are exemplified in I’m So Forgetful, which throbs along heart-weary and self-reflective with the vocals up front reminding us that Scott’s take on downtrodden garage punk is pretty unique. Cross-firing melodic guitar breaking up into jangle and picked strings ring Scott’s chorus which cleverly hammers home the “I’m so forgetful now” hook into the part of your brain that contains earworm-storing information, meaning it’ll be paying rent up there upon one listen.

More breakneck and maybe even more hooky, goddamit, Beat, Hippie Or Punk for example sounds like Flesh World covering Ramones without the gauze of guitar. Percussive vocals abound and powered by tom-heavy drumming, Scott asks if you’re well, a Beat, Hippie Or Punk. On this outing, slashing guitars and clocking in at the instantly rewindable 1.47 second mark we’re putting our favourite Modern Primitive in the latter section but just like there’s no underground anymore, we’re just gonna say Jess Scott is a genre on her own.