Blur Modern Life Is Rubbish *30th Anniversary*

14th October 2023

Format Info

2LP - Orange Vinyl
* 140g Orange 12" vinyl * 300gsm board * 6mm spinned 12" gatefold outer sleeve with a gloss dispersion finish * 135gsm gloss art paper * 12" inner sleeve with gloss dispersion finish

Blur’s classic second album Modern Life Is Rubbish turned 30 this year and to celebrate this occasion, Parlophone are releasing a limited, coloured vinyl edition.

Modern Life Is Rubbish and its singles: For Tomorrow, Chemical World and Sunday Sunday have been featured across Blur’s online channels throughout the year, with a colour*, 4K upgrade of the For Tomorrow video getting nearly 350k views in 3 months (*the first time a colour version of this video has ever been seen!).


Side A
1. For Tomorrow
2. Advert
3. Colin Zeal
4. Pressure On Julian

Side B
1. Star Shaped
2. Blue Jeans
3. Chemical World
4. Intermission

Side C
1. Sunday Sunday
2. Oily Water
3. Miss America
4. Villa Rosie

Side D
1. Coping
2. Turn It Up
3. Resigned
4. Commercial Break

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