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Jonnine Maritz

Idle Press
9th June 2023

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Black Vinyl LP

The new solo offering by Jonnine (HTRK) takes its title from her mother’s maiden name – “the most haunted word I know

The collection’s eight songs deploy an eclectic array of scavenged instruments: bass guitar, a broken Swiss metronome, an oddly tuned wooden stringed instrument, sparing use of recorder, Halloween charm bracelets and a homemade glockenspiel found at “an abandoned highschool in the hills

Released by DJ Sundae’s Idle Press imprint, Maritz captures a versatile artist at a widening crossroads. Night flights, torn up photos, psychic spiders spinning webs like talismans – the world of these songs is imagistic and unrequited, attuned to absences and afterlifes.