Self-Modifier Lozells Drone Theory

Polytechnic Youth
5th April 2024

Format Info

LP - Marbled Orange Vinyl

his new release is an absolute banger. ‘SELF MODIFIER’ is the new project from Peter Duggal, the current musical partner of ex-KRAFTWERK legend WOLFGANG FLUR. His work with Wolfgang has seen collaborations with Peter Hook, Juan Atkins, Midge Ure, Claudia Brücken, Carl Cox and many others for the critically acclaimed 2022 album ‘Magazine 1’ (which reached the top of the UK Electronic Album Charts).

His background is particularly interesting, as he himself explains “growing up in Lozells and Handsworth in inner city Birmingham during the Thatcher years, technology and music were the ticket to escape out of the fear and oppression to somewhere unreal. On the TV were threats of impending nuclear war and out on the streets in Lozells (as in other deprived inner cities around England at this time), there were the well publicised riots – police banging on the door instructing us to turn the lights off and lock ourselves inside until further notice. Shops, houses and cars were ablaze, and some lost their lives – those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Computers were appearing everywhere… including the home. According to the older generation they were going to take over the world, destroy everybodys’ jobs and eventually start thinking for themselves at which point they would be out of control and destroy everything else too. I, like many of my friends, became totally fascinated to the point of obsession with these machines—these were ours, and the idea of creating a whole world in your bedroom by typing in obscure commands was something truly magical.

Rooted in the memories and landscape of that time, this collection of pieces emerged from nostalgia of people and places, and a deep yearning to engage with all that is no longer real”.

4 intensely beautiful slow building pieces of electronica, rhythmic and richly melodic, it’s a beautiful record and a fine addition to the PY canon. Pressed on lush marbled orange wax and with a sleeve continuing the labels’ tip of the hat theme to the 70s BBC sound effects series of library releases, this one is not be missed….