Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - The History Of The Disc Jocky

White Rabbit
4th July 2024

‘Literally changed the course of my life’ James Murphy
When someone says, ‘You have to know your history…’ this is it. A pop culture classic for
over two decades, now fully refreshed and updated as part of White Rabbit’s Deep Cuts
series, Last Night a DJ … is the whole unruly story of dance music in one volume. It
recreates the dancefloors that made history, conjuring their atmosphere with loving detail
and bringing you the voices of the DJs and clubbers at their heart – from grime, garage,
house, hip hop and disco, to techno, soul, reggae, rock’n’roll, and EDM. Whether musical
outlaw, obsessive crate-digger or overpaid superstar, the DJ has been at the spinning
centre of nightlife for a century, making parties wilder, pushing clubbers harder, and
driving music into completely new shapes and styles.
‘The chapter on Larry Levan alone transformed me into wanting to be your favoUrite DJ’
‘We can’t tell the story of dance music without speaking the names of Sharon White and
Judy Weinstein, so I welcome this vital update’ The Blessed Madonna

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