Jonathan Richman Just a Spark, On Journey From The Dark

blue arrow records / munster records
15th January 2022

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In Jonathan Richman’s words, “I got the idea for this series of musical episodes late last summer. A show on Bandcamp where I could sing my new songs to the people who might be interested. The idea keeps changing as I do it and now I’ve made an illustrated companion booklet to the series.” This set is his illustrated and written companion to the first six episodes, as broadcast on Bandcamp September 1st through November 15th, 2020. Richman finds his inspiration in various poems, Italian author, actor and musician Giorgio Faletti, the city of Boston, voyages under the earth, children ́s songs… and creates charming pieces of music for his episodes. The musical recordings feature Nicole Montalbano on tamboura and long-time Richman’s backing band member Tommy Larkins on percussion, among other musicians and friends. A must for all Jonathan Richman ́s fans out there!

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