The Soup Dragons John Peel Session 06.01.87

Precious Recordings Of London
4th December 2022

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Sleeve notes by the group, download code and postcard.
So what do you do when you’ve had a run of BBC sessions and fancy trying something different? How about a session of cover versions, with each member of the band choosing a song? The Soup Dragons were changing before our ears – one listen to their version of Purple Haze tells you that. Of course, their fondness for a cover was to re-emerge years later with Top 5 hit I’m Free (a Rolling Stones song); they didn’t do that song for the BBC – but we do have a six-second arthouse prank that reportedly did not entirely amuse John Peel. Sleeve notes by Sushil K Dade; mastered by Sean Dickson. Includes download codes and a set of postcards.

Our Lips Are Sealed, The Kids Are Alright, Purple Haze, Listen To This

Released for the first time on Precious Recordings of London,
the Soup Dragons’ four sessions for the BBC, two each for John Peel and Janice Long.

Destined for international pop fame via their cover of the Rolling Stones’ I’m Free, a Top 5 hit in the UK, and US Top 40 hit Divine Thing, the legendary Scottish popsters started out
with a barrage of spiky two-minute punk pop of a distinctly
Buzzcocks-y vintage – and all the better for that.

From the Glasgow suburbs of Bellshill and Bearsden, The Soup Dragons were an integral part of the city’s celebrated Splash One scene and favourites of the music press during the C86 era. However, their sound developed at a rate of knots, soon becoming more rocky before embracing the dance music influences with which they were to hit the charts as groundbreaking indie rock-dance artists.

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