Carcascara II

18th August 2023

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LP - black vinyl

Originally released in 2014 in a staggeringly small run, Carcascara’s beautiful LP, “II,” is a totem out of place, out of time and eternal. Fernando Aguirre, Xabier Iriondo and Iñigo Ugarteburu play classical guitars, harmonium, bells, synths and percussion to create a layered tapestry of sound, like bathing in a stream of sparkling forever.

“Applying elements of minimalism or electronic music to their compositions, Carcascara’s second studio album is deeply rooted in folk, blues or jazz. Borrowing from American primitivism, this acoustic guitar trio based half way between London and Zarautz, stretch the boundaries of tradition with a fluid and developed command of the string instrument.
Coming out 14 years after their self-titled debut, highly recommended for fans of Robbie Basho, Steve Reich or John Fahey.”