Portron Portron Lopez Ice Cream Soufi

PL Records
20th May 2022

Format Info

Dinked LP

Black vinyl LP

Alt colour (green) screen-printed sleeve

Bonus 13 track CD, “A Bakers Dozen”

Bonus vinyl 7” of two unreleased tracks


300 copies

Portron Portron Lopez don’t do concepts. There are no great discussions about where they should pull their influences from, or pre-planning about how to structure studio work. The Parisian-formed trio exist in spontaneity, a creative co-habitancy that relies on feel and groove – as evidenced on their three studio albums to-date. Exploratory odysseys that bely the potential pitfalls an improvisational-minded group might fall into during the recording process, they’ve moved between shades of psychedelia and Middle Eastern-inflected drones as well as more electronic and club-based touchstones, doing so in a way that feels effortlessly free. That sense of adventure is furthered still on forthcoming album Ice Cream Soufi.

Side A

01 Comment Vas-Tu Rossignol

02 Pensées Sans Tête

03 A Stranger I May Be

04 Trois-Cent-Dix-Huit Poussettes

Side B

01 Aubes

02 Fin de Partie

03 Tayau

Bonus  7”

A: Train Bluc

B: Kula

13 TRACK BONUS CD IN SLEEVE/ A Bakers Dozen: PPL Primer.

1:            BICHETTE

2:            SOL MAMMOUTH

3:            JEROME

4:            VELVET TARGUI

5:            UNE BARQUE SUR L’OCEAN

6:            LEELOO