Audrey Golden I Thought I Heard You Speak: Women At Factory Records

Thu 13th Jun 2024
7:30 pm–9:30 pm
The Glad Cafe

Factory Records has become the stuff of legend. The histories of the label have been told from many perspectives, from visual catalogues and memoirs to exhibitions. Yet no in-depth history has ever been told from the perspectives of the women who were integral to Factory’s cultural significance.

The untold history of Factory Records is one of women’s work at nearly every turn: recording music, playing live gigs, running the label behind the scenes, managing and promoting bands, designing record sleeves, making films and music videos, pioneering sound technology, DJing, and running one of the most chaotic clubs on the planet, The Haçienda. The book features interviews with more than 75 women, including Gillian Gilbert, Cath Carroll, Gina Birch, and DJ Paulette.

Audrey Golden