Joe Meek I Hear A New World : An Outer Space Music Fantasy

14th July 2023

Format Info

Black Vinyl LP

A classic of incredibly strange music, electronica, pre Beatles Britpop, or all of the above… however you slice it, I Hear A New World was and is the masterpiece of that left field master of sound, Joe Meek…recorded as usual partly at home with secret equipment, and partly at the state of the art Lansdowne studio he pretty much designed, it is a full on spectacular action stereo extravaganza, almost unknown in British pop recordings of the time and for many years later….here beautifully remastered, and restored to it’s original track sequence as planned and advertised by Meek when he marketed it as an ideal stereo test recording for hi toned hifi shops….only an ep of less than half the assembled work was originally released….now here it is, on VINYL as it was meant to be heard….

The story of Joe Meek, the master of RGM sound, is well known to all devotees of music… the innovation, the hits, the eventual sad ending…this album, with its early super stereo electronic sounds, which comes from the hopeful early days of his career has become a legend.. In its September 1998 issue, music magazine The Wire listed the album in the article ”100 Records That Set The World On Fire (When No One Was Listening!)”, exploring both Meek’s and the album’s profound though almost secret influence on many modern music makers…this first real vinyl edition of the complete album in its original track order, is a must for all lovers of the unusual in music…


Side A

  1.  I Hear a New World
  2.  Around the Moon
  3.  Entry of the Globbots
  4.  The Bublight
  5.  March of the Dribcots
  6.  Love Dance of the Saroos

Side B

  1.  Glob Waterfall
  2.  Magnetic Field
  3.  Valley of the Saroos
  4.  Dribcots Space Boat
  5.  Disc Dance of the Globbots
  6.  Valley of No Return