King Creosote I DES

3rd November 2023

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“I’ve gone from seeing the bad in everything to seeing just a little bit of good in most things,” Kenny Anderson (AKA King Creosote) said in 2006, and that’s what I DES – his fiftieth record – is at heart, really. A realisation, or perhaps a celebration, of seeing the good in life and in people and all the moments that have led to the present. Time passes, things aren’t always linear, and that in itself is something to be celebrated. Sonically, I DES is awash with synths and programmed drums and yet it still feels like a folk record; a record that pays homage to the music that spills through the pubs of Anstruther, Kenny’s hometown. Kenny hails from the East Neuk of Fife – a small nook of villages on the east coast of Scotland – and his love for that tight knit community and the quiet normalities of non city living continues to shine above all else. We’ve had the opportunity to host some really special events this year – Thurston Moore Group, Miki Berenyi Trio, King Creosote’s I DES album launch on the day of its release. It was late into the year, Kings Court was packed and there was a real community spirit in the air. He played the record in full, front to back, and then returned to the stage with a surprise second set of fan favourites. That’s what Kenny does best – does it himself and lets us all be a part of it, too. – LT

They say long live the king and all, but nothing’s ever set in stone. A quarter of a century since his self-inflicted coronation, and self-released debut solo album, Kenny Anderson – DIY pop voyager, ancestral seaside home restorer, squeezebox lothario, Fife for lifer, diamond miner, hijacker of hearts, and the man also known as King Creosote – has released over 100 records (at a relatively conservative guess), collaborated with the likes of Jon Hopkins, KT Tunstall, Beta Band’s Lone Pigeon, and had his songs covered and performed by artists including Patti Smith and Simple Minds. He’s now got a new LP, despite or perhaps because of it all. It’s called I DES and will be released on November 3rd.

And no, it hasn’t bypassed a songwriter so buoyed by playful lyricism that the title of this latest release is an easy anagram of “Dies”. But bear a couple of things in mind: 1) I DES is a reference to KC’s key collaborator this time around – multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Derek O’Neill aka Des Lawson of Blantyre (2014’s From Scotland With Love, 2016’s Astronaut Meets Appleman); and 2) HRH King Creosote has been circling his demise for the entirety of his musakal life.

“I shan’t complain,” he rejoices on the album’s most uplifting hymn “Blue Marbled Elm Trees” – a new song also shared today – “I had the best time laughing with my girls / I had the best life offered up / By this blue marble or any alien world.”

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