Melt Plastic Group Hooh

Feral Child
25th August 2023

Format Info

LP - Red Vinyl
Comes with MPG beer mat.

Next up on Feral Child sees an absolute beast of a full length; the debut wax outing for the whacked out, psych sounds of MELT PLASTIC GROUP. A uniquely fresh take on mind melting psych grooves and kraut jams, hugely ambitious and constantly inventive and evolving….

In the bands’ own words, they describe themselves and the album as “channelled onto wax via three humans from Brighton and Hove; inspired by the uniquely warped vision of former Sunlight Service Group frontman Willy Robinson, who lives in Hove but opts to inhabit a universe where tentacled aliens hang out with talking vegetables against a backdrop of brutalist 1970s concrete”.

On “Hooh”, Willy, Jess and Gax have summoned a collection of darkly spaced-out, hypnotic, jazzy jams, where sprinkles of flute and harmonica frolic around a maypole of juicy guitar fuzz. Although there are nods towards the likes of Black Sabbath and Can, the album’s unique flavour deftly swerves the cliches of the psych genre. It’s their finest work to date.

Here’s what the press have been saying…

“Prime jangling kosmische, with tumbling riffs on repeat, swirling vocals and some snaking wah-wah. Built on a garage vibe, some sixties pop–psyche hooks and power trio circuitry… Melt Plastic Group show their psych jam roots while cannily keeping their shape – a band who are set to get intoxicating.” Brighton Source “When we hear Melt Plastic Group, we hear Syd Barrett era Floyd, had they been able to time travel to 1989 to watch Loop, before swiftly returning back to 1967 armed with Loop’s fuzz pedals. Recent shows have been rapturously received.”

Melting Vinyl/Lewes Psychedelic Festival

Strictly limited one time pressing on red wax (with accompanying MPG beermat) and in reverse board sleeves, this one’ll no doubt move dead quickly. Get on it….