Richard Youngs Holograph

Glass Modern
2nd April 2021

Format Info

LP - dark red vinyl

“On Friday, Dave Barker asked if I would like to make a new song album for Glass Modern or – indeed – had I already made one. I had nothing and didn’t think I had anything to say.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I fire up the reel-to-reel. I have in mind making music to accompany a concrete image. It’s part of my continuing exploration of the possibilities of playing instruments with my feet. I sense this time I need a beat and I transfer onto tape three rhythms already recorded. With an open tuned 12-string acoustic guitar I strum an unfretted chord. Thick socks. It’s almost winter. Different pitches (tape speeds) – just for variety – then I overlay some foot bass work.

It’s approximately precise and I hear that – actually – this would benefit from being less approximate and more precise, so I do the parts again with my hands and it begins to feel like side two of an album; one that is top-loaded with hits then drifts out to more expansive experimental territory.

I recycle a lyric – Quickened Second Chance. I grab a recent lyric – My Head in the Hands of my Senses. I improvise a new lyric – Fast Mindless Bright (a negated film strapline). All sounds good.

Next day I’m still feeling expansive. I find a longish already recorded rhythm and, again, transfer to reel. Maybe a touch more movement today. I lay down 6-string acoustic guitar and bass. It shifts a bit more than yesterday. The prospect doesn’t alarm me. I find another lyric to recycle, and string it out slowly over my fresh backing. It’s coming together.

Monday: I need some hits. I write snew lyrics, grab some short sharp rhythm recordings on file, and the opening and closing track of my new imaginary side quickly fall out. Just a gap to plug now, something to lift after the opener. I remember a conversation about serial killers on TV and urgently I track Psychopathology to reel. I think it’s all there.

Tuesday: mix by day, then by night send off to Dave. The man from Glass says “yes” and sends it to Colin Lloyd Tucker to master. Things are moving fast. Colin and I to-and-fro, a quick remix on one of the tracks (dodgy shaker action), a chat about microphones, and we have a mastered record good to go.

And now I write this, the story of the making of Holograph.”

Richard Youngs, Tuesday 3rd November 2020.

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