Ribbon Stage Hit With The Most

K Records
4th November 2022

Format Info

LP with Signed Postcard
LTD Purple LP with Monorail Exclusive Signed Postcard


We’ve had a delay on being able to ship this. All our copies arrived with badly dunted sleeves.

We’re super happy to present a special edition of Ribbon Stage’s Hit With The Most album. Our edition comes with a signed postcard. Thanks to the group, especially Jolie, and K Records for facilitating this. 
Sometimes it’s easy to feel that all the great records of a certain type are behind us. In the 1980s Sonic Youth and others were told they would never be able to make something new from electric guitars and drums. They of course found new thrills from old kit and this is exactly what Ribbon Stage are all about. Following up on their glorious My Favourite Shrine ep, they spread their winning magic thickly across 11 tracks cut at 45rpm for max loudness and verve.
The front cover homages Shop Assistants – Will Anything Happen. This is a big indicator of where they’re coming from – overdriven guitar, drum thump and lazily melodic vocals. The vocals are a total statement – like Jim Reid, they understand that if you’ve got the tunes there’s no big hurry. Their tunes and attitude are spot on – gorgeous chord changes mapping out bright lines between 1960s garage punk, Dave Conway-era My Bloody Valentine and more recent things like Vivian Girls.
Recorded in New York and mixed in Olympia, Ribbon Stage feels alive to the moment – just being brilliant with all sides covered. They’re a timely reminder that amateur pop is always in the shadows ready to leap out and win our hearts. The International Pop Underground is on the rise.

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