Andrew Wasylyk Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls

Clay Pipe Music
25th November 2022

Format Info

Clear vinyl LP + booklet
Monorail Exclusive Edition. Clear vinyl and Remain In Memory Full Of Light booklet.

We’re extremely proud to announce an exclusive Monorail Edition of Andrew Wasylyk’s incredible new set, Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls. Our edition comes on clear vinyl with a unique colourway cover and a book of Andrew’s photographs, Remain In Memory Full Of Light, designed by Clay Pipe owner and genius illustrator, Frances Castle. 

Andrew’s latest, like previous works, draws inspiration from natural landscapes and his own world within them. Without overstating things this feels like a revelatory work that’s both documentary and dreamlike – it’s almost cosmic in places as if he’s trying to voice his impressions in a way that can’t help but take him further and further out. The compositions are just so great and there’s a sense of curiosity, of yearning – adding Alabaster DePlume to his regular, excellent crew is a masterstroke – his slo-mo saxophone playing is perfect in this setting.

There’s so much to delve into here, so much to learn, a majestic, magnificent record to wrap around you in all seasons. Bravo.


Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls’ is Andrew Wasylyk’s second LP for the esteemed Clay Pipe Music label. It sees the Scottish composer and producer reach for new ground, finding quietly sublime imagery in rich and immersive worlds; horizon-less oceans and limitless landscapes.

The initial seed of inspiration for this work was conceived as a commissioned response to ‘The World’s Edge’ exhibition, by American contemporary landscape photographer Thomas Joshua Cooper, at the National Galleries of Scotland.

Andrew journeyed with Cooper to Inchcolm Island in the Firth of Forth to learn of the artist’s practice. Specifically, his three decades of travel across five continents, capturing cardinal points and extreme locations surrounding the Atlantic Ocean. Many of which will be under water within 35 years as a result of the impact of our changing climate.

From the deep allure of the sea to the symbolism and folklore of flowers, a dreaming to leave or a longing to stay, “Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls” utilises the ideas behind TJC’s work as a point of departure. Exploring outwardly in search of a better understanding within, themes of longing, self-discovery, new parenthood and premonitions weave through a Wasylyk album of melodic succour.

In ‘Dreamt In The Current Of Leafless Winter’; ambiences and devotional bells are imbued with the visceral playing of saxophonist/composer Angus Fairbairn, aka Alabaster DePlume, whose unmistakable tone casts ethereal and impressionistic hues across this striking, long form opener.

Elsewhere, string phrases flourish in pockets between restrained drum groove and light-touch piano chords of ‘The Confluence’, conducted by Pete Harvey (Modern Studies). Harvey’s sonorous arrangements augmented Andrew’s ‘The Paralian’ (2019) and ‘Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation’ (2020). Again, they illuminate and articulate throughout this collection.

The arc of present and past is examined in ‘The Life Of Time’, featuring words and narration by Thomas Joshua Cooper himself. His rich, baritone transcends amongst a rolling piano motif, undulating violins and the mellifluous brass work of Rachel Simpson.

With ‘Truant In Gossamer’ a new absence is felt while synthesised arpeggios glide and intertwine with glistening harp in the cadence of a farewell vibraphone. Steadily, this luminous journey dissolves and comes to a remarkable end.

Previously described as a “spiritual-jazz salve bathed in the cinematic”, Andrew Wasylyk is accumulating a growing body of work. With this seven song suite he distills these ideas and offers perhaps his most bold record yet. ‘Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls’, the follow-up to 2021’s ‘Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia’, (longlisted for Scottish Album Of The Year Award 2022) is framed in a hypnagogic fog of wonder and possibility. A place to shade your dreamtime in subtle colour.

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