Bill Forsyth Gregory's Girl (Blu-ray)

11th September 2023

Format Info

Blu-ray DVD

Newly restored from the original camera negative the BFI are excited to announce a new Blu-ray release of Bill Forsyth’s much-loved coming-of-age comedy Gregory’s Girl.

Gregory (John Gordon Sinclair) and his friends are starting to notice girls – particularly Dorothy (Dee Hepburn), not least because she’s on the football team and is a better player than all the boys. With counselling from his younger sister, Gregory finally asks Dorothy out, but turns up to the date only to discover that the girls at school have other plans for him.

A huge breakout hit on its original release in 1981, Gregory’s Girl was nominated for four Bafta’s, winning for Best Original Screenplay. Bill Forsyth’s classic comedy remains to this day the ultimate depiction of coming-of-age awkwardness and an enduring favourite of Scottish cinema.