Secret Circuit Green Mirror

Invisible, Inc.
14th April 2023

Format Info


“Invisible Inc is over the moon to finally be announcing this long-awaited double album of new music by Secret Circuit.

Presented here are 21 new pieces (or 22 if you count the bandcamp-exclusive digital bonus) recorded between 2020 and 2022 which capture that spacey, otherworldly quality Secret Circuit is known for but they also very much veer into the warmer, earthier and generally more ambient textural territories of his E Ruscha V and Only Thingz work…an altogether softer sensibility. The fact that the second disc of the double album is primarily ambient further confuses the issue! But Secret Circuit this most definitely is!

From a plethora of demos (40+) Invisible Inc label boss GK Machine wanted to distill these down and explore a side of Ruscha’s that he felt hadn’t been heard before, focussing on Ruscha’s more emotive yet at the same time experimental side. Is that a paradox? Well, let’s say only very rarely do we hear modular synths doing something so human-sounding, and when these are juxtaposed alongside slide guitars, live bass and vocodered vocals, we have something very special indeed.

Then there’s the artwork…all lovingly drawn by E Ruscha V himself and landing on our desk long after the record had gone into production and test pressings delivered and approved. The package is made complete with a double-sided colour insert with liner notes and another of Ruscha’s mind-warping doodles. Oh and the liner notes are written in reverse so you’ll need a mirror to read them. Of course they are!

To cut a long story short, everything about this release is archetypal classic Secret Circuit and couldn’t be anyone else. A highpoint for the label in 2023, no doubt.

And we hope you love it as much as we do.”