Lolina Face The Music

Relaxin Records
14th July 2023

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Lolina / Inga Copeland continues going way out, this time back into the realms of outsider pop and UK Funky tributaries. No other artist in the current underground scene seems to duck and dive expectations quite as much as Lolina/Inga Copeland. Having first made her name defining “hypnagogic pop” with Hype Williams, her solo outings have ranged from aleatoric, avant garde club music, noise and more straightforward tunesmithery.

Face The Music combines all of the above but with a hefty af low end, reminding us a little of UK Funky with the BPM maybe dragged down a little but not too much. Above all this feels like Lolina having fun, stabbing keyboards and bass-heavy kicks providing the movement juice. The title track feels like several midi files exploding into a 90s sample pack, broken in all the right places. If you ever wondered how an improv jazz troupe would approach Neo Soul, now’s your chance to see. Forget It Left Blank dials up the fuzz and repetition until it’s just below the threshold to be called “Noise” and What Is Power reminds us a little of Neneh Cherry helming a 2010s Powell track. Ultimately, it all sounds like Lolina.