Onat Önol Everyone Asked About You

Hunk Of Plastic
9th June 2023

Format Info

“I put my everything into this album, I hope you enjoy.”
Mixed, mastered and co-produced by Batuhan Çetinkaya (Super patient guy, extra love for him)
Cover art by Paul Schwindenhammer (The album cover is fucking beautiful i know right?)
Drums on Not Too Easy by Ilja Pippa
Drums on Low by Dilan Peterson
Drum loops on Left Standing Here by Numb Body
Special thanks to the BWG family, Table Records, Kerem Ergener, Daniel Gerards, John Nugent and pretty much anyone I’ve been bugging for the past year

Title Track contains elements of the song “Everyone Asked About You” by the band of the same name.
All Over You contains a sample from Twin Peaks.

“the rest is me”