Lightships Electric Cables

2nd December 2022

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Black Vinyl LP
A graceful glaze of an album, compelling and rich. Long out of print on vinyl.
“The Lightships album was a combination of two things – Gerard Love, at the time in Teenage Fanclub, had also become a very integral part of The Pastels and I think he understood what we were trying to do with Geographic. Harry Martin at Domino was a massive fan of Gerard’s music and instigated the record. Gerard spent a long time on it trying to find a sound that was different from Teenage Fanclub – he used a well chosen collection of musicians including Tom Crossley from The Pastels and International Airport. I think it’s a glorious record, quite introspective in places but bold and quite timeless too. Everything on it seems to fit in place, it’s very organised, a bit like Gerard.”
SP / Geographic

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