Eat Your Own Ears Eat Your Own Ears Recs EP 2

28th October 2022

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EP 2 continues the story of Eat Your Own Ears with brand new and exclusive tracks from John Wizards (his first new music in almost 10 years), Arab Strap, TYSON, and Michelle Gurevich, plus an unreleased live recording from Anna Calvi’s breath-taking Roundhouse performance in 2019, and a classic album track from Electrelane, an artist synonymous with EYOE having promoted their shows for over 15 years. 

Label co-founder Lucy Pitkethly says “I am really pleased that EP 2 has such a great and varied mix of artists on it,  especially those that have been part of the Eat Your Own Ears live roster for a long time now, alongside the brilliant  TYSON, who we are excited to be working with on live shows. 

It is also fantastic to be able to put out the first new music in 10 years by John Wizards, as we’ve been long time fans,  and even travelled to Cape Town many years ago to see them play live! We look forward to hearing more new music  from John Wizards hopefully in the not too distant future.” 

Eat Your Own Ears asked each of their carefully selected artists on EP 2 to say something about the tracks; 

Arab Strap – 

“We See You started life as a demo for a piano-led quiet album that’s not happening anymore, so I’m glad it’s found  somewhere to live – and with some brilliant housemates too. I wrote the words in one of the lockdowns, when my only 

real escape and communication was online, so that’s what it’s all about. Although I’m not sure much has changed  since then.” – Aidan Moffat 

John Wizards – 

‘The song was recorded remotely, with me doing production from Cape Town and Emmanuel laying down vocals from  France. I was listening to a lot of Wally Badarou at the time, which I think might have crept into the production style  a bit. 

It’s wonderful to put a new song out after such a long time, and doing it on Eat Your Own Ears Recordings feels  special! Loads of time between releases also means lots of new songs, so there’ll be more to come…” – John Withers 

Anna Calvi – 

My show at the roundhouse was probably the most memorable show I’ve ever done; to hear the crowd roar was really  something. This was the first track I performed that night, and I remember the feeling of taking it all in, and trying to  walk the tightrope between chaos and complete control. – Anna Calvi 

Michelle Gurevich – 

Very flattered to be included in this first series of releases by the fabulous promoters at EYOE. They’ve been the  brains and good taste behind my increasing presence on London stages. 

I recently rediscovered this song I recorded many moons ago while living on Vancouver Island and thought it had a  captivating Chet Bakerish vibe. What do you think? – Michelle Gurevich 


“I’m excited this song is finally coming out! I love collaborating with Iman (Houssein) as his way of working is very  cinematic: I almost feel you can visualise the story; In Pursuit is both dark and sweet at the same time.” – TYSON 

Electrelane – 

“The lyrics to Oh Sombra! come from a very old Spanish poem by the poet Juan Boscán Almogáver that I came across  online. I wrote the melody thinking of it for a singer with a much bigger voice than mine, and preferably a Spanish  speaker, so for me to sing it is really overreaching. I’d love to hear someone else singing it, but I also think there is  something to be said for trying to reach beyond”. – Verity Susman (Electrelane)