Kate Bush Eat The Music (RSD Edition)

Fish People
20th April 2024

Format Info

12" White Vinyl

“Eat The Music” was scheduled to be the first release from the “Red Shoes” album, however the release was eventually cancelled in favour of “Rubberband Girl”.

Kate has created a special version on 10” vinyl for Record Store Day 2024. The record features Kate’s preferred track list, and the original beautiful artwork, which was intended to be on the single’s sleeve, is now on the disc as a UV print.

New lacquers were cut by Bernie Grundman from the 2018 James Guthrie remasters. The vinyl was pressed by Record Industry in The Netherlands. The record is released through Kate‘s own Fish People label as an exclusive Record Store Day edition. It is distributed by The state51 Conspiracy.

Side A
Eat The Music (Single edit, from The Red Shoes – 4m55s)
Lily (From The Red Shoes – 3m52s)
Big Stripey Lie  (From The Red Shoes – 3m28s)

Side B

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