Blackmail Dur Au Mal

Polytechnic Youth
16th March 2021

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New on Polytechnic Youth, a Suicide / minimal synth mash up over A/AA sides from Parisian trio BLACKMAIL. “They describe themselves thus “Blackmail dig a synthetic and saturated rocky groove. Few instruments, always the same, few words, all in French. Sometimes it sounds like the band leave the machines play by themselves, like an open window on a post-apocalyptic urban daily life show. And making music maybe the best ways to occupy its time in times of crisis. Like a lot of people right now, the band clench its teeth and hopes that something good will emerge from this big mess. All hopes are high, magic mushrooms grow well on cow dung!” There you have it, an enigmatic description for a fabulous band- all their previous output is massively recommended to all fans of the aforementioned Suicide, Silver Apples, Fad Gadget, Throbbing Gristle, early Cabs- all the greats…”