Pub Do You Ever Regret Pantomime?

Ampule Records
3rd February 2022

Format Info

2LP - White Vinyl

The mysterious Glasgow resident Pub was a new name to us until a tip from a customer led us on a journey of discovery. Do You Ever Regret Pantomime was released in 2001 and quickly slipped back into the ether from which it emerged but not before planting its roots into the global heads’ consciousness as one of the most sublime ambient records of the post-rave, IDM wave.

Not much is known about Pub and there’s something heartening about that. Somewhere in Glasgow, an auteur was sculpting out personal space with unfurling clouds of synths and crisp interlocking beats. Pantomime… is definitely redolent of the mid 90s Ambient techno scene, with glimmers of Global Communication, early AFX creeping into the mix while also reminding us of the German, dubby sculptures of To Rococo Rot / and the Kompakt school. It’s music that takes its time, existing in the little slice of the world it carves out for itself, nestled in the sparkling frequencies that bathe the beats.

A real classic that has finally emerged from its 20 year slumber.

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